Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood is a new game in which you have to hide inside your neighbor's vehicle while attempting to solve all of the neighborhood's secrets.


A new ice cream seller has set up shop in the area. Despite the fact that everything seems perfect, there is clearly something wrong with it. Strange things have happened, and Charlie, your next-door neighbor, has been taken away. You have experienced all there is. First, let's talk about ice cream: Horror All the secrets are in the neighborhood!


  • Rod will be able to hear every every movement that you make. On the other hand, you can hide from Rod or fool him into thinking he doesn't see you.
  • You may learn the van's secrets by investigating it in a variety of settings and uncovering its mysteries.
  • Solving puzzles is the only way to protect your neighbor from this awful foe. You always have the option to act!
  • You have the option of playing in ghost mode, standard mode, or hard difficulty! Are you able to do each one of them?
  • It is possible to have fun with a horror game that does not include any gory sequences, and it is appropriate for anybody to play.
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