Horror Nights Story

Horror Nights Story

In the fantastic action-horror game Horror Nights Story, you must figure out every puzzle in every room in order to escape horrible situations!


Although the blocky graphics have a Minecraft-like aesthetic, the gameplay is simply incredible. Three sequences will require you to make it through several nights of darkness. Are you a fan of this game? Look over our Five Nights at Freddy's collections, please.

Horror Nights Story is when all the monsters and spirits arrive to terrorize people. It happens at a spooky theme park once a year. Families, tourists, and everyone else who likes scary and entertaining things are all highly interested in this event. Both children and adults enjoy it equally, making it a popular event. How would it feel to be unable to leave a haunted house? Would you have the courage to confront your fears? You may learn more by using this app for Android horror games! During this exciting night, you can play a variety of activities, including the following: - Escape From the Haunted House, in which you must get out of an abandoned house. Your assistance is required to release a family that is confined inside the home.

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