Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft is a fun Craft game for Halloween where you have to find three or more items of the same kind to merge.


It's exciting to do Halloween Craft online. It's kind of like the Match 3 games. It also has some new features that will help you plan and think better. Enjoy the different ways to play and the nice graphics.

There will be a 5x6 grid with empty squares. The top of the bottom part of the box is open. Something is in the box. If you click on any of the squares, this item will show up. After that, another thing will be in the box. The goal is to put three of the same things into the box. They will go away, leaving a new thing in their place.


You can play with 10 different things. Candy, ghosts, monsters, and more. There's no way to know which one will come next. This is the hardest part of the title to say. You'll also see hidden shapes like lollipops and hats more often.

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