FNAF: Sister Location – Custom Night

FNAF: Sister Location – Custom Night

An excellent new take on the classic FNAF game, FNAF: Sister Location – Custom Night tasks players with taking control of the surveillance cameras at Fazbear's Pizza while they battle to stay alive.

How to Perform

This episode, which is titled FNAF Sister Location – Custom Night, gives you the opportunity to choose your own difficulty level as well as the animatronic robotic robots that you will be battling against. You have five nights to live, but the resources at your disposal, such as air and electricity, are severely restricted. There is no way to get a score greater than twenty. After then, the count is brought back to zero. In the event that the warning symbols are disabled, the breach alert messages will not be shown.


The traditional method of playing FNAF entails keeping an eye on the various camera feeds, carefully managing resources, and fending off enemies.
The characteristic mood of unrelenting dread, gut-wrenching jump scares, and gloomy comedy.
10 iconic characters, such as Foxy and Bonnet, Ballora and Minireena, and more.

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