Endless Zombies

Endless Zombies

Endless Zombies is a great action game where you have to stay alive and fight off all the zombies around you.


You can play in a special-unit team of up to 8 players or solo inside a skyscraper, and fight against zombies. Your mission is to get as high as possible without dying. The game is over when everyone dies. This is a hard game, and each floor will be harder to beat than the last.

Rules for Success

Each round is different because the things in the room and where the zombies appear are chosen at random.

As more people play, there are more zombies.

Rules for Success Level 2 requires at least 1000 sun. If you don't, start over.

Using a Digger and an Imp together is a cheap way to clear rows. Total cost = 175

As soon as you can, get rid of the Magnet Shrooms and Starfruit.

Protect the main attack with Zombie shields. Coneheads can be used to make cheap shields.

Calculate before you buy - What is the best way to deal with a situation? Clear easy rows to assist you in thinking when in doubt.

You can also try Dancing Zombies at 350 Sun to clear out more than one row.

Coneheads and Pole Vaulters make cheap combinations to attack rows where it makes sense.

At the end of a row, watch out for Snow Peas and Korn Pults. Their slow-down attacks can make weak defenses stronger.

A Pole Vaulter is a person who has a strong plant at the front and weak in the back.

Sunflowers can produce 200 suns. These numbers should be included in your cost calculation.

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