Dark Barn Escape 2: Mirrored Dimension

Dark Barn Escape 2: Mirrored Dimension

Ainars has created an updated version of their previous escape game, which is known as Dark Barn Escape 2: Mirrored Dimension

Instructions for the Dark Barn Escape 2: Mirrored Dimension

You will be able to win the game if you investigate the barn from every possible perspective. Obtaining all 30 artifacts will require you to crack open a variety of mystery boxes. After that, you should exit via the gateway. On the spot where the gateway is now, there was a bustling farm once upon a time when magic was real. It bore a bountiful crop and was teeming with a variety of creatures. Then, after a peculiar sequence of occurrences, things started to go awry.

Main Features

  • Enter a residence that is designed to seem like a labyrinth.
  • If you are being pursued by a terrifying beast, you should flee the home and seek refuge somewhere else.
  • You are going to get a scary feeling from the ambiance, the frightening noises, and the flickering lights.
  • Participate in multiplayer activities with your close buddies.
  • You may make your own terrifying creature, or you can choose one of the numerous scary possibilities that are offered.
  • Discover and navigate your way through the many levels.
  • The usage of Mystical Eye Runes allows one to view the creature through a warped and obscured perspective.
  • Examine a map that you drew by yourself in order to identify your next move.
  • Participate in a variety of game types and vie for a place on the worldwide leaderboards.

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