Bubble Shooter HD 3

Bubble Shooter HD 3

As you play Bubble Shooter HD 3, an excellent bubble shooter game, your objective is to bust the bubbles by forming groups of three or more of the same color inside the bubbles.

How to play Bubble Shooter HD 3

All you need to emerge victorious The goal of Bubble Shooter HD 3 is to eliminate all of the bubbles on the board while achieving the best possible score. At the bottom of the screen, you will also see a number of gray bubbles. If you try to fire a bubble but are unable to produce a combination, one of the gray bubbles will burst. Keep this in mind.  You have a total of six chances, and if you use up all of them, the bubbles on the screen will go lower. All of your chances are limited.

Fantastic Features

  • Enjoyable variations of the bubble shooter game mode.
  • For better scores, you may earn stars, combinations, and power-ups.
  • The daily missions and activities that provide additional prizes

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