Bubble Pop Butterfly

Bubble Pop Butterfly

A fantastic arcade game to play is Bubble Pop Butterfly, which is often referred to as Bubble Shooter. Your objective is to pop all of the bubbles so that you can go on to the next one of the game's 300 levels.

Bubble Pop Butterfly Instructions

The iconic arcade game Bubble Bobble served as the basis for the creation of the game Bubble Pop Butterfly. Each level will present you with a different objective to complete. It's possible that you'll need to pop a particular amount of bubbles or free a certain number of butterflies. No matter what you're trying to do in this game, you may do so with the help of your mouse. To get rid of bubble clusters on the board that are made up of three or more bubbles of the same colour, simply use another bubble on the board that has the same colour as the cluster you want to get rid of.

Main features

  • The time-honored game of Marble Shooter has been given a thoroughly contemporary makeover.
  • Find out what the secret is behind Montezuma Mountain.
  • Acquire various boosters and then unlock them.
  • The full potential of your unique abilities is just waiting to be realised.
  • Play Can Be Done Both Online and Off.
  • Complete 300+ Levels

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