Boxing Random

Boxing Random

You and a friend may have a lot of fun with Boxing Random. You control a ragdoll in a tournament for supremacy.


You'll be in charge of a stick figure fighter, and it'll be up to you to defeat his opponent. Stickmen are a challenge to manage because of their inability to maintain a static position. Boxing contests will include you and two other competitors. The way your character moves is messed up.

Gameplay enhancements such as bonuses and power-ups are available to players. In order to succeed in combat, players can improve their stats with increased speed and health. Just punching your character with your arm will keep them airborne. You should never put the other person down.


You can find a boxing ring just about anywhere, from the shore to the mountains. The game may be learned, allowing players to hone their skills and strategies over time.

Intensely colored 2D pixel art and melodic sound effects.

Mechanical and operational simplicity

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How to play

Player 1: "W"

Player 2: "UP ARROW KEY" 

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