BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife Life Simulator gives you the opportunity to go on exciting journeys and make insightful choices.


On September 29, 2018, CandyWriter LLC developed a new video game called BitLife: Life Simulator. It is a life-simulation game that can be played on mobile devices. Get an understanding of how apparently little choices may have far-reaching effects on your life. There have been games for a long time that allow the user to participate with the plot.

Just by inputting some basic information about yourself, such as your name, gender, and age, you may create a new universe. You begin your life with a bank balance of zero dollars if you are a newborn. The evaluation takes into account one's level of intelligence, as well as their level of happiness and physical health. You are able to monitor information and make purchases such as automobiles and real estate via the Assets and Relationships area.

How to play

Left mouse

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