Baldi’s Basics 2

Baldi’s Basics 2

In the fantastic horror escape game Baldi's Basics 2, you must escape from a school with a mad and unsettling teacher.


You'll be given the task of escaping a school run by the ominous and insane Baldi. You'll be imprisoned in the school by Baldi. He will punish you for the learning mistakes you made. He will drudge you around the school while holding a hefty ruler. Bullies at school will stop you if you are being pursued. They want to slow you down so they can quickly capture Baldi. You must be vigilant for any dangers if you want to get out of that awful area.

Additionally, you must complete seven notebooks spread out across the university. To make your escape quest simpler, you can also gather upgrades and additional goods. Baldi's Basics 2 will be controlled by your finger if you're using a tablet or smartphone. You can use your keyboard and mouse to play the game on your desktop if that's what you prefer. Play right away on your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also view the games that other gamers have played and recommended to you. Take a sip and enjoy!

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