Backrooms Survive

Backrooms Survive

Backrooms Survive is a great Backrooms game where you have to work hard to become the main character. It has a cool yellow theme.

How to Help Backrooms Survive

Today, there are a lot of urban legends. A lot of mystery and mysticism often surrounds them. Most urban legends are scary, but not all of them are true. What if the story were real? It's scary to think about not being the main character in these weird stories. Did we manage to intrigue? Welcome to Backstage Survival, where your worst nightmares will come true.

How to Success

The player will be in a dark room with yellow walls and old wallpaper. Not only will this catch your eye, but other things will as well. A scary, dark creature will show up in front of you. It looks like a ghost with a huge grin. The guy doesn't want to hurt you, but you'll feel better once you stop being afraid of him. The truth is that it's the other way around. He will say that you lost your way in the terrible Backstage. This place is very dangerous because it is home to a horrible creature. The monster will eat anyone who gets lost in this area. You have to stay alive for at least five minutes if you don't want to be eaten by this monster. This is the only way you can escape and go back to your world.