ZombCopter is an incredible first-person shooter game in which you are tasked with protecting the sole City Hall that has not been destroyed from an endless onslaught of zombies.

Instructions for the ZombCopter

Waiting for some incredible first-person shooter games? How do you feel about ZombCopter? In order to attain victory in ZombCopter, all that is required of you is to go through the most unusual zombie apocalypse. In order to level up the weaponry of your adversaries, you must first beat them. Being the first player to utilize the last weapon to destroy your opponent is the objective of this mode, and the winner is...

Fantastic Features

  • Engage in seamless solo or multiplayer gameplay.
  • Acquire more than a thousand different modifications.
  • Bonuses & Rewards on a Daily Basis
  • Clans may be formed or joined.
  • Global leaderboards for competitions and rankings

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