IDLE Archeology

IDLE Archeology

IDLE Archeology is an incredible adventure game in which you are tasked with collecting dinosaur bones and growing into the most accomplished archeologist.

Instructions in IDLE Archeology

Have you ever considered pursuing a career in archaeology? Do you have an interest in studying the mysteries surrounding dinosaurs? In the event that you have an interest in dinosaurs, IDLE Archeology is an excellent game at your disposal. Simply amassing dinosaur bones and assuming the role of leader of the archeological excavation is all that is required to emerge victorious. The first thing you will do is gather dinosaur parts, but you won't know what kind of monster you're going to construct until you get started. After you have gathered a specific quantity of fossils, you will be able to select the archosaurian you are going to construct.

Main Features

  • High-definition images are created using pixel art and have vibrant colors
  • Archosaurian reptiles may be created by utilizing the names of genuine species and their physical characteristics.
  • There were about a dozen different species of dinosaurs that needed to be collected.
  • The controls are simple, but the riddles are difficult.

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