Wizard Mike

Wizard Mike

Wizard Mike is a fresh new action-packed game in which you will enjoy a gorgeous design and solve riddles in order to prevail over your rivals.

Instructions for Wizard Mike

Battle your foes as you make your way through the enchanted land of Wizard Mike. When you start a new level, you'll find a variety of different platforms to jump upon. You can wipe off the monsters by casting a spell using your magical abilities. You can get to adversaries that are in regions that are difficult to access by using the surroundings around you. After successfully finishing each level, you will be rewarded with coins. You can spend these coins to buy new things for your arcane characters from the Arcane Shop. It's possible that he flunked out of 17 consecutive alchemical classes.

The Features of Wizard Mike

  • In this horrifying survival game, you'll want to play hide-and-seek.
  • Discover and improve your arsenal in order to flee the scary mansion.
  • They had retreated to the concealed location, where they were forging weapons.
  • This house is a labyrinth, complete with booby traps and secret passageways.
  • Doing repairs on your own vehicle might be an excellent way to save money.
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