What Remains of Gone Home

What Remains of Gone Home

What Remains of Gone Home is a horror-escape game that requires you to find all various items to get out of the room as soon as you can.

Instructions for What Remains of Gone Home

Are you a fan of playing escape rooms? The book for you is What Remains of Gone Home! You may already be aware of what this is about, so prepare to wait and look for a means to leave the house. Look in the nightstands, open all the doors, and explore the entire house to discover different items that can assist you in achieving your main objective. The game is mysteriously alluring; can you learn about the house's past, will you manage to leave, and what will happen next?

Rules for Success

The interactive tale What Remains of Gone Home is gloomy and unsettling. We are "thrown" headfirst into the action of the story right away; there is no menu or user interface, and we must immediately become involved. We will essentially spend the entire game moving between various areas and exploring them in an effort to piece together the already complex and enigmatic plot. So to speak, the gameplay is based on a variety of puzzles that require some mental gymnastics to accomplish, but nothing particularly mind-blowing. This keeps the player's attention largely on the game's storyline. Enjoy seeing this enigmatic and perhaps spooky story develop on your computer screen!

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