An exciting 3D action game, Ultracraze tasks players with eliminating all enemies and collecting four keys to unlock the exit.

Instructions for Use

The Ultracraze game is a terrifying 3D adventure where the devil traps you in a maze. You won't get lost in this maze-like game. This is a really frightening thing to see. The point of view is first person. The labyrinth is protected by a frightening devil's monster that will eat whatever it finds within.

Rules by Success

To complete the labyrinth, you'll need to dodge traps and pick up bonuses. After beating such a challenging game, you should experience a sense of accomplishment.

The adversary has set up several traps in an effort to stop you. Together with your pal, the little flying word, you may easily evade them.

How to play

  • Simply navigate using your mouse.
  • Change directions by going left (Left Arrow).
  • Press the Right Arrow Key
  • A Step Forward
  • Using the Down Arrow, You Can Go Inverse
  • Press the Space Bar to Jump