Two impostor Squid Challenge

Two impostor Squid Challenge

In the Two impostor Squid Challenge, the best aspects of both the original Squid Game and the Among Us game have been blended. You and a friend may have fun competing against one another in a variety of two-player games, such as green light, red light, and tug of war.

Instructions for Two impostor Squid Challenge

Players who have enjoyed previous entries in the Squid Game series will have a good time with Two impostor Squid Challenge. To name just a few of the activities that you and your friend may engage in together, we have "green light," "red light," and "tug of war." Participating in a game along with a friend allows each of you to control two different characters.

How to play

Blue Player "A" Press Key & Mobile Touch Control / Red Player "P" Press Key & Mobile Touch Control

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