Squid Game

Squid Game

One of the most well-known games is called "Squid Game," and it requires players to draw various geometric forms (such as a circle, square, or triangle) on the ground, which, when put together, provide the appearance of a squid.


You may play the Squid Game, Red Light/Green Light, or any other game with the same characters as the other games in the same group of people. To begin, look for a wide open area where you may have your game. Next, make a mark on the huge body of the squid, which is fashioned like a home. Next, design a little circle that extends beyond the boundaries of the squid's head. At last, create another significant circle at the base of it. After that, draw a pair of rectangles in the center of the squid. At the point where each triangle meets the edge, attach a circle. Last but not least, separate the squid into two equal teams: defense and offensive!

Squid Game Trials

  • Be covert and quick! The traffic light is flashing red and green. If the light is green, it's time to get moving! Warning signal! Freeze to death and live!
  • Take a secure hold of the rope and give it a strong tug in order to bring your opponent to the ground.
  • Marbles: If you want to retain your opponent's marbles, you need to force their way into the hole.
  • Sugar cookies: Using a needle, carefully remove the cookie's design while being careful not to break the biscuit.
  • On the glass bridge, you'll need to remember to leap to the left and right while also keeping track of the order in which the lights turned on.
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