Three Nights at Fred

Three Nights at Fred

In the intriguing game Three Nights at Fred, which was inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's, you must make it through three nights by selecting your favorite animated character!


If you make it through the next three nights, you may leave Fred alive. You have to make it through three nights as the security guard at this spooky pizza business. A distinct cartoon toy is represented by each stage. You have the option of picking Fred, Foxy, or Foxy as your foe.

A Guide to Success

To start, you have some control over how your security guard persona moves about. You can move, hold shift, and sprint with WASD. You can open doors and pick up stuff with F. C enables crouching, while L locks or unlocks vision. By hitting the L key, you may start the power line with a wrench, unlock a door with a key, and attach your glasses with a key.

You must do well on all three levels in order to locate and collect every note in the vicinity of the pizzeria (nights). Don't let the wicked animatronics murder or seize you. You may decide on the degree of difficulty and whether Fred, Foxy, or both will be your adversaries.

How to play

WASD, mouse, and shift to F, C, and L are required.

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