The Wall

The Wall

In order to get the prizes that are pulled by the balls, you will need to discover solutions to the puzzles and provide answers to the questions in The Wall.

Instructions for The Wall

Are you someone who enjoys taking quizzes? Have you ever played a quiz game? In such a case, you shouldn't overlook the opportunity to go to The Wall. In order to win the game, you need to provide answers to all of the questions. Before you try the more difficult levels, you should take your time and get familiar with the controls via practice. Be sure to keep in mind that you have the ability to set a timer for each stage, which will allow you to compete against other players.

Key Features

  • Through the establishment of a time restriction for each run, you may compare the outcomes of each level.
  • Absolutely stunning visuals
  • Indulge in consistent updates.
  • This is a game that may be enjoyed by people of any age.

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