The House Of Evil Granny

The House Of Evil Granny

The House Of Evil Granny is a fantastic action game in which you have to explore and attempt to locate all of the stuff in order to keep having fun while you are trying to stay alive.


You have been tasked with searching for objects that Granny can use to open the doors in order to assist you in evading her pursuit. You won't be able to capture Granny even if you try. Locate the many artifacts and instruments that Granny keeps at the entrance of her home. You're going to stay one step ahead of Grandma the whole time.

How to play

  • W A S D to move the mouse along
  • Click the left mouse button to look, the right mouse button to attack, the left mouse button to block the attack, and the left mouse button to interact with things.
  • To run, press Shift, then left CTRL, then X, then prone, then space to jump.
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