Temple Raider

Temple Raider

Temple Raider is an exciting infinite game, and the primary objective is to avoid stopping at any point by either jumping over dangerous spikes or sliding beneath falling logs.

Guide for Temple Raider

During your journey through the Temple Raider jungle maze, you have managed to enrage the temple's watchdog. You are going to run into loads of riches and ancient coins, and in order to get through the game, you are going to need to collect all of them. Logs are going to fall, and sharp spikes are going to pop out at you when you least expect them to. While attempting to outrun the guardian, the player is need to make their way through a number of challenges, some of which include prizes, traps, and other perils. You are being mercilessly pursued by the guardian of an ancient temple, who has worked himself up into a rage and is now chasing you through the ruins.

Featured features

  • Have fun with brand new challenges to overcome and upgrades to get!
  • Your goal should be to earn all of the achievements, including any new ones.
  • Every one of the characters will have their own unique ability.
  • ambiance decorated for the holidays
  • Amazing visuals in every way

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