Run Run 3D Challenge

Run Run 3D Challenge

The Run Run 3D Challenge will take you on an action-packed journey, and the objective of the game is to amass as many stars as possible while avoiding obstacles on the path and fending off hazardous monsters.

Instructions for Run Run 3D Challenge

A 3D adventure game with a lot of different challenges to complete, Run Run 3D Challenge. You only need to use two buttons or press on the right side of the screen or the left side of the screen to make your character jump or slide. This is all you need to do to win. While you are trying to gather stars, you will need to respond swiftly in order to escape dangers like barricades and frightening monsters. Complete all six levels while playing as the boy superhero and collect all of the stars.

Main Features

  • Having successfully completed over 100 unique challenges
  • You are able to compete against your pals when playing local multiplayer.
  • Playing the game does not cost anything, but in order to advance through certain levels, you will need to pay actual cash.

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