Join and Clash 2

Join and Clash 2

Join and Clash 2 will take you on an adventure in which your objective is to save your companions from the dangerous monster that is waiting for you at the conclusion of the game.

Instructions for Join and Clash 2

You simply need to go alone and collect others along the route in order to win the second round of Join and Clash. The next step is for you to guide your team through a variety of moving and growing obstructions. Remember to plan your next steps while you're on the road, and while you're doing that, prioritize helping as many people as you can. You have the ability to sway the course of the fight by exchanging and upgrading your Minis between rounds of combat. You and up to seven other players can compete against one another in 1v1 and Rumble battles. You can play these matches for fun as well.


  • A dynamic strategy game that allows for infinite alterations and configurations of the player's army within the game.
  • Battle Minis that, after upgraded, are able to perform more effectively in combat
  • By completing quests, you will be able to gather Minis and unlock new skills.
  • Put some skins on your Minis and show them off!
  • Climb the Leagues to achieve a position in the top 1000 of the global rankings.

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