Tail Gun Charlie

Tail Gun Charlie

You may take control of the machine gun that is mounted on the on-board machine gun of a World War II bomber in the new gun game known as Tail Gun Charlie. This allows you to engage in combat with opponents who are outnumbered.

A guide to playing the game Tail Gun Charlie

It is necessary to practice maneuvers in order to become a master pilot in Tail Gun Charlie. When you do this, you will be able to weave past enemy fire and position yourself for flawless assaults.  A Turret, Rocket, and Howitzer are the three main types of weaponry that you have access to. Once you have successfully defeated the predetermined number of aircraft, you will have successfully completed a level.


  • This game includes the ability to take control of a turret as in other epic war games, acquire increasingly stronger weaponry, and test them out in a battle environment.
  • Always be on the lookout for hostile locations and keep an eye on your radar.

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