Super Goin Up

Super Goin Up

You have to stomp and kill adversaries in order to improve your statistics in the wonderful arcade game known as Super Goin Up.

How to play Super Goin Up

You will be able to play Super Goin Up by vanquishing a wide variety of foes and transforming them into platforms that you can utilize to continue to bounce up over and over again. Do not overlook the fact that you should attempt to ascend as high as you can by using the platforms and your foes. You may count on this game to be your companion when it comes to the pleasure of playing a single-player game online.

Main Features

  • Construct incredible catapults here.
  • Get a free feature that allows you to store.
  • You are free to play whenever you want using the Internet.
  • Perform a custom game with random bots and go through it.

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How to play

Arrow keys or Touch

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