Stickman That One Level

Stickman That One Level

Stickman That One Level is an incredible stickman game in which you must find solutions to all of the logical riddles in order to escape the level over and over again.


Stickman That One Level is a continuation of the logic puzzles featuring Noobs and Pro adventures that were developed by the same people that created Noob vs. Pro. You'll have the opportunity to play whatever position you like, from guard to ghost, as you try to advance to the next level.

To start the level again, choose the retry option from the menu. Even though it is possible to skip levels by viewing a short advertisement, doing so will not enable you to return to the stage or discover its hidden features. There will be a great number of hazards and traps that need to be avoided.

How to play

  • Left and right arrows to run
  • Up arrow to jump
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