Steve and Alex vs Fnaf

Steve and Alex vs Fnaf

Collecting as much gold as you can is the primary goal of one of the most amazing adventure games, Steve and Alex vs. Fnaf.

Steve and Alex vs Fnaf instructions

Steve and Alex vs Fnaf is a great Fnaf spin-off that you should definitely check out. Playing this game is all about joining an amazing journey with different kinds of creatures. Steve and Alex must be helped to get away from everything. Try to get the keys so you can quickly flee.

Key Features

  • Foxy makes her short film debut in this one.
  • The design of the game includes a gorgeously done color-coded key-collecting mechanism. 
  • This game is a good blend of skillful fusion of the horrifying FNAF universe and the Minecraft realms.

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How to play

WASD + Arrow Keys

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