Stacky Run

Stacky Run

Stacky Run is an enjoyable casual game that can be played on a mobile device such a phone or tablet. Gather as many diamonds and bricks as you can from the platforms, as they are the only way to progress through the levels and connect the islands.

Stacky Run instructions

The only thing you need to do to win Stacky Run is to gather bricks and build bridges between the various islands in order to make your way to the finish line. If you want to make it to the finish line without passing out from lack of water, you're going to need a lot of bricks to travel over all of the islands. Make it a priority to amass a sufficient number of bricks so that you can cross the lake to the opposite shore. If you are successful in completing the level, the reward for you will be one hundred hearts. This game offers a lot of different stages. Use your fingers to swipe over the screen and collect diamonds to unlock new characters with better gear.

Main Features

  • You will be able to pick up exactly where you left off thanks to the auto-save mechanism.
  • Graphics in 3D of a high grade and a realistic appearance in 3D.
  • The game gradually becomes more challenging as you progress through it.
  • Puzzles with a goal that challenge your mental capacity

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