Squid Game Shooter

Squid Game Shooter

Squid Game Shooter is an intense first-person shooter in which the objective is to make it through more perilous stages while fending off the various hostile forces.

Instructions for Squid Game Shooter

Squid Game Shooter is a 3D video game that is jam-packed with exciting action. You simply need to defend yourself against the other players and the guards, and you should stay away from the coffins. You will also need to avoid being hit by various weapons, such as axes, knives, and cash grenades. Acquire expert level knowledge of all 18 distinct classes of weaponry. Protect yourself so that you can make it all the way to the conclusion like in Squid Battle Simulator. The more often you are victorious against your rivals, the more money you will earn.

Main Features

  • The plot is quite interesting to follow.
  • Explore new locations and take on a wide variety of bosses and enemies along the way.
  • Utilise your plan to achieve victory in tactical conflicts.
  • In PVP Mode, you may evaluate how powerful your Heroes are.

How to play

  • Mouse - looking around
  • WASD - movement
  • W + Shift - running
  • Space bar - jump
  • Left mouse button - shooting
  • Right mouse button (hold down) - Aiming
  • Moving the Mouse Wheel - Next / Previous Weapon
  • 1-7 - Weapon hotkeys
  • R - reload
  • F - knife attack 1
  • Q - knife attack 2
  • G - throwing a grenade
  • T - weapon research
  • E - remove / remove weapons
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