Squad Tower

Squad Tower

Squad Tower transports you to a marvelous war game, in which you must abandon your hero in order to engage in combat, get new skins and weapons, and vanquish adversaries that are relentless. 

Instructions for Squad Tower

You should check out Squad Tower if you are a huge fan of the Squid franchise of games. Simply locate the challenging tower and prevail over all of your adversaries in order to emerge victorious from this game. In order to defeat the guards, you may unleash your squid player in the appropriate sequence. The only way to go through each level is to move your mouse cursor across the screen in the designated manner.

Key Features

  • Engage in combat with other agents while brandishing strong weapons.
  • Discover a vast armory of weaponry that has never been seen before in that action game.
  • Conquer numerous difficult stages by shooting and looting your way through them.

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