Something Looks Weird

Something Looks Weird

Something Looks Weird is an awesome game in which you need to help the hero explain all changing things around him and solve them.

Instructions For Something Looks Weird

Imagine that everything in your routine that you have grown accustomed to is about to change. Even someone with the strongest nerves can be rattled by it. Not to mention those who are more impressionable and sensitive. The game's main character is seeing something unusual that he cannot explain. At first, the changes weren't all that significant, leaving him to wonder if he was truly exhausted and in immediate need of rest. But even after a long hour of sleep, the problems persist. Perhaps you're simply going insane, or perhaps everything is falling apart.

Rule for Success

You'll have to see such unbelievable changes in the setting that you assumed you knew all too well in this bizarre and even slightly frightful game for it to surprise you. Yet here you are, staring at a simple chair that appears to be from another world. What will you do right now? Should you make an appointment with a psychologist? Or perhaps you ought to put what you observe to the test? What if you are also tricked by your touch, leaving you unsure of what to believe? You need to strive to maintain your composure in order to understand what is happening because it is a very difficult and unsettling scenario with uncertain outcomes.

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