Scary Granny House

Scary Granny House

You may explore the home of Scary Granny in this 3D granny game called Scary Granny House, and your goal should be to discover a method to flee the house as quickly as you can.

How to Play

In the first-person survival horror game Scary Granny Hotel, your objective is to escape the dreadful hotel without being discovered by the sinister grandmother. The game is played in first-person perspective. She just can't seem to pull herself away from the quest for victims, so she'll keep going around town seeking for them. To protect yourself from your grandmother's fury, you may take cover in the closet or beneath the bed. Let's test our mettle and see how courageous we are right now.


As you make your way out of the creepy and sinister forest, you will hear noises that are unnerving, creaky, and haunting.

How to play

Use wasd or arrows to play, e to interact.

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