Save Mushrooms Garden

Save Mushrooms Garden

When playing the exciting adventure game Save Mushrooms Garden, your objective is to take control of the character and harvest as many mushrooms as you can while simultaneously attempting to fend off all of the thieves.

How to play Save Mushrooms Garden

In the game Save Mushrooms Garden, you will find a variety of towns, each of which has its own unique and attractive theme. You are also required to play the part of John, who is a mushroom that has been taken by a number of different thieves, and you must demonstrate victory over each of them. If you are able to get a greater number of mushrooms, your score will increase. 

Key Features

  • Controls are simple: you may leap, move, and shoot.
  • Gather money and power-ups while you play.
  • Magnificent visuals and a streamlined user interface
  • Playing a platformer with a nostalgic feel
  • Uncover previously unknown levels and perks.

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