Angry Chibi Run

Angry Chibi Run

The Angry Chibi Run game is a fantastic example of a casual game in which the objective is to slide for as long as possible while jumping over obstacles.

Instructions for Angry Chibi Run

Do you look forward to playing games? Remember to play Angry Chibi Run. You won't regret it. Navigating is the only thing you need to do in order to win Angry Chibi Run. Jumping and sliding through the crowded streets of the city in order to prevent accidents, dodging and avoiding obstacles. Accessories have the ability to set your character out from the rest of the crowd. You also have the ability to acquire power-ups, such as magnets or jetpacks, in order to gain a momentary advantage. It is possible to unlock additional characters and costumes by collecting money.


  • The looks and playability are breathtaking.
  • There are three different game types that may be played.
  • It is possible to gather and make use of more than thirty Power-Ups.

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