Return Of Evil Granny: The School

Return Of Evil Granny: The School

Return Of Evil Granny: The School is a great Granny game in which you are locked in a haunted school and have to get out as soon as possible.


Back is the bad grandmother. One day, you and I will both beat the witch. People thought she was dead and couldn't hurt anyone else anymore. Even though the monster had a wound that would have killed it, it was still able to live. We don't want the old witch to hurt people any more. We need to get rid of the bad old woman and find her a new place to live.

Is Evil Back? Granny is a scary video game that takes place in a closed school. In the game, the player is locked in a scary school. Your grandmother and her friends will hurt you. You have to figure out how to get away from Granny and her friends. Take 8 keys and start shooting at anything that moves. Granny is still bad. She brought the dead back to life. I hope you'll be there!

How to play

WASD to navigate G to fire a grenade. R lets you reload, and F lets you grab an item. Left Shift is for left running CMD. To stoop down X or P

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