Rainbow Balls 2048

Rainbow Balls 2048

Rainbow Balls 2048 is a puzzle game in which you must achieve the goal of connecting all of the balls in order to reach the number 2048.

Rainbow Balls 2048 instructions

To be successful in Rainbow Balls, all you have to do is link all of the balls that are required to reach 2048 balls. Remember to have a large number of balls that are not linked to one another in order to reach the top of the screen. The fact that your accomplishments are visible on the scoreboard serves as an incentive for you to keep working for higher levels.

Key Features

  • An exciting puzzle involving matching balls
  • Through the combination of numbered tiles, you will be able to get the 2048 ball.
  • Put your whole attention on achieving the highest possible score.
  • For the purpose of competition, a leaderboard and a high-score tracker
  • There is a puzzle game that is both strategic and addicting.

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