Rails and Stations

Rails and Stations

It is necessary for you to gather sand, watermelons, iron, and wood in order to be able to sell them to the station and increase your income in Rails and Stations.

How to play Rails and Stations

You merely need to amass a significant quantity of money and recruit a group of people who can assist you in working more quickly in order to emerge victorious in Rails and Stations. Elements of building, strategy, and idle play are included in the game. It is necessary for you to construct the supreme virtual universe. Keep in mind that you should broaden your island and investigate as much of it as you possibly can. Try to acquire additional resources and then sell them at a variety of stations. Unwind by constructing and making something.

Key Features

  • Increase the speed of your train, as well as the weight of your carts and the number of passengers it can carry.
  • Train strategy: In order to attain the best possible outcomes, bullet trains should be converted from steam trains.
  • There is a correlation between the provision of food, entertainment, and comfort aboard trains and an increase in passenger happiness.

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