Giant Sushi Merge Master Game

Giant Sushi Merge Master Game

This is a fun casual game called Giant Sushi Merge Master Game, in which you have to combine all of the elements in the box in order to get the final piece of food.

Detailed Instructions for Giant Sushi Merge Master Game

In order to accomplish the goal of winning the Giant Sushi Merge Master Game, all you have to do is place pieces of sushi that are identical in the appropriate container slots. Each power-up can only be used twice throughout the course of the game. If any of the pieces seem to be stacked over the black dashed line at the top, the game will be over.

Key Features

  • Gain access to and improve the abilities of well-known chefs.
  • Make mouthwatering food in order to keep consumers coming back.
  • Unlocking power-ups will allow you to earn more money.
  • Establish new eateries in well-known cities in order to expand your business empire.

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