Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie

Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie

It's important to be as stealthy as possible in the fantastic 3D action game Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie.

Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie Rules and Strategy

Escape Mode: Your resolve will be tested throughout Poppy Suffer Time. It will only take five days to track down Poppy Doll at the forgotten toy factory. You may use the keys and clues you uncover in Escape to unlock new areas of the plant. Then, you'll need to take cover from the ghost of a Huggy Wuggy Toy who's out to get you.

Shooter mode is where you'll have the most fun. The factory is littered with weapons and ammo; pick them up and use them to dispatch Huggy and any other monsters you come across for maximum points.

How to play

Escape Controls:

WASD = Move, F = Interact/Hide/Use Item
G t= Drop Item, T = Unhide Escape to Pause
C = Crouch.

Shooter Controls:

WASD = Walk around, Mouse = Look around.
Left-mouse = Fire Right, Mouse Button = Aim.
Mouse wheel = Change weapons, G = Grenades.
R = Reload, F = Pickup Items, Left Shift = Run left.
CTRL = Crouch, X = Prone, V = Melee, Space = Jump

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