Poppy Dungeons

Poppy Dungeons

Poppy Dungeons is an excellent action game in which the player's objective is to make their way out of a dungeon while being pursued by opponents that are not afraid to fire at them and won't give up looking for them.

Instructions for Poppy Dungeons

The goal of Poppy Dungeon is to manoeuvre the soldier through the dungeon so that he may fire his weapon at the purple monster. Finding a route out of the labyrinth and making your way to the exit is the objective of the game. It is reported that Chinese farmers came up with this game so they could keep their children entertained during the long hours they spent cultivating. There are a lot of very good escape rooms in the Google Play store, but this one stands out from the rest since it has certain special elements that the others don't have. Find out more. They are often referred to as "mystery meat" in common parlance.

Participate in Features

  • A simple user interface with pixelated images
  • Investigate the Poppy Dungeons in great detail.

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