Nox Timore

Nox Timore

Nox Timore is a horror-escape game in which you will have thrilling feelings while plunging into the terrible atmosphere and attempting to survive.


You will encounter odd monsters and navigate a variety of strange, cramped spaces in this terrifying video game. You must locate an exit if you want to survive. Start your exploration of this sinister maze. There are numerous notes lying about. Read the information and gather all of them. Will you have the fortitude to complete this blood-freezing mission? Join the main character as they experience great thrills in this spooky environment. Never give up!

Rules for Success

For those seeking a thrilling experience, Nox Timore is best. Despite the fact that this game has a horror theme and takes you away from reality, it effectively aids in relaxation. You must maintain composure and pay attention to the odd items in the building and the hallways if you want to win the Nox Timore online. Try to locate the suggestions after the notes and clues to get to the exit as quickly as you can. 

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