Noob vs Memes 2

Noob vs Memes 2

A fantastic first-person shooter action game may be found in Noob vs Memes 2. Your primary mission is to defend a sleepy little hamlet against an onslaught of strange characters taken from internet memes.

Instructions for the Noob vs Memes 2

Noob vs Memes 2, another one of our top Minecraft 3D shooting games available online, is equally hilarious! It is only necessary to exclude characters who are based on memes found on the internet. Take, for instance, the case of Uganda Knuckles. You may stock up on new weaponry by shopping at the shop with the gems you earn from playing the game. You will lose the game if you take enough damage to empty your health bar and take too many hits. After you have vanquished your foes, it is in your best interest to pick up the health packs that they have dropped.


  • Put your talents to the test by completing tasks within a certain amount of time.
  • Collecting valuable things and currencies will allow you to purchase more powerful Power-ups.
  • Learn how each character's special skills may be used, and gain some spectacular new skins.
  • The gameplay of dropping items from one location to another is natural and fluid.
  • The breathtaking visuals really bring Rainbow House to life.
  • Choose your preferred method of play, either online multiplayer or single-player campaign. Have a little friendly competition.

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How to play

You may either use the WASD keys or the mouse. R is the shift key.

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