Noob: 5 Nights at Herobrine's

Noob: 5 Nights at Herobrine's

Noob 5 Nights At Herobrine’s is a fun game to play. Your primary objective is to make it through the night without Noob succumbing to his wounds.

Instructions for Noob 5 Nights At Herobrine’s 

The new horror game Noob: Five Nights at Herobrine's challenges players to ensure that the protagonist, Noob, makes it to the next day alive. The tablet can still be used, but the battery will run out of juice much more quickly. It is important to avoid depleting all of your batteries, since this would leave you without any weapons with which to defend yourself from the creatures that lurk in the shadows. You have more courage than the previous guards, who gave up their posts because they were too scared. You will have to demonstrate your courage over the course of five extended nights that are both emotional and stressful. You should do all in your power to remain alive while also avoiding depleting the batteries in the cameras. If you don't take precautions, you can find yourself in an awkward position. Have the best of luck!

Main Features

  • Get acquainted with a terrifying clown, as well as weapons and creatures.
  • There are a lot of problems to solve.
  • Take on challenges of varying degrees of difficulty.
  • Incredible artwork and sound design
  • Engage in fierce competition!

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