Night Watchman

Night Watchman

Night Watchman is an engaging horror game in which you are required to shield your eyes and get ready to fight against a cast of terrifying villains.


Within the boundaries of the city, there is a building that is well concealed and tucked away, and you have been asked to see it. It is said that at night, a legendary figure known as the Night Watchman walks the streets. You are tasked with the duty of ensuring that the region is free from malevolent spirits and other frightening dolls at all times.

The city is now under siege by monsters. During the night shifts, the people of the city are guarded by individuals who hold the status of City Watchman. You are going to be pursued by sinister-looking dolls that are life-size and fashioned to seem like demonic monsters. They are going to assault you if you don't get near enough to them.

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