Monster Dash

Monster Dash

A fantastic example of a 3D game is the Monster Dash 3D Hypercasual Game. In order to get to the adorable monsters, you will have to hop over a few hurdles.

Instructions Monster Dash

Two buttons are required to play the video game Monster Dash. The first one controls the character's jumping, and the second one controls the character's shooting with the weapon. The Invincibility Bubble, also known as the Incredible Bubble, the Submachine Gun and Pacifier, the Zapper, and the Machine Gun Jetpack are some of the weapons and utility items that Barry can take.

The goal of each level is distinct from the goals of the previous levels, and the purpose of each level is to accomplish a particular goal. The latter enables players to upgrade Barry by obtaining additional git points and coins from bags, as well as additional fuel for Bad As Hog and additional ammunition for Machine Gun Jetpack.

How to play

Tap or click to play.

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