KOGAMA Haunted Hotel

KOGAMA Haunted Hotel

KOGAMA In Haunted Hotel, a fantastic 3D horror game, you'll be exploring the hotel's rooms and hallways in search of other players' creations.

KOGAMA In Haunted Hotel instructions

If you're looking for a scary good game, Haunted Hotel is it. It is our intention to only provide you with games of the highest quality. I hope you're ready to be terrified! Go from level to floor in search of the lost keys while avoiding traps and puzzling through tricky riddles!


This frightening beast can simultaneously jump, roll in the air, and fire its weapon. However, you should not feel helpless. You can put up a good fight, and if you're successful and don't give up, you may be able to completely eradicate your opponent.

It can be the dwelling of a psychopath, a psychiatric hospital, or a haunted house. Some will put you in the middle of a struggle against hordes of horrific foes, such as demons and zombies.

Another game following the same rule - Haunted School, you must locate a school where you can store the equipment needed to exorcise a demon child.

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