Jeep: Mad Driving

Jeep: Mad Driving

Pixel graphics are used in the racing video game Jeep: Mad Driving similar to Monster Track Racing. Your primary purpose is to get through all of the challenges and make it to the finish line.

How to Play

Drive Mad is an aerial skill game in which you must drive on hazardous routes while simultaneously doing a range of amazing maneuvers. It is very necessary to examine the path in great detail since difficulties might provide opportunities for advancement. It is important to steer clear of potential hazards, such as spline bridges, tree trunks, windmills, ramps, and so on.

If one of these causes damage to your car during the game, you may not be able to continue. In order to prevail in any competition, you will need to increase the speed, power, and grip of your car. It is not as simple as it may seem at first. You get to take part in a huge variety of exciting feats and imaginative challenges, all of which are fun to do.

How to play

  • Going in the right direction - W. D. X. Proceed in your endeavors - W. D. X.
  • S, A, Z, the Down Arrow, and the Left Arrow for Reverse
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