Impostor is a fantastic action game in which you must assist Impostor in eliminating all other inhabitants of the ship.

Impostor instructions

Fans of the phenomenally successful game Among Us! have created Impostor, an exciting and addicting stealth-and-adventure game. You can win the game by avoiding rooms and preparing to be attacked when you're alone with someone else. Consider the possibility that that individual is a forger. Keep the group members under control and try not to be discovered. You must frame or deceive the group members in order to relieve some of your own stress. Before the ship returns, it is critical to destroy the whole crew. Demonstrate your deceit abilities and become the greatest imposter.


  • Graphics that are visually pleasing and stunning
  • Multiplayer online games with pals
  • Simple guidelines
  • Use the deceit.
  • All members of the crew must be eliminated.

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